Harney County Chamber of Commerce Sponsors 2022
Since 1931, the Harney County Chamber of Commerce has dedicated its existence to providing services and information to businesses, organizations and individuals in an effort to continuously improve the quality of life for all that live and work in our community.

As we move forward, our focus on our goals has only strengthened. With the help of our members and associations we intend to make the Chamber even more of a resource and benefit.

For our business partners we look forward to providing networking opportunities, offering educational seminars on business growth topics and keeping participants informed through interaction with each other. For our neighbors we will increase our efforts to inform them of all the numerous products and services that are readily available right here in our community, continue our charitable activities and find innovative ways to enhance the “Harney County Experience.”

With these added benefits and the continued support of our members, friends and neighbors, the Harney County Chamber of Commerce will remain a staple of the community. Take a look around and ask yourself, “What can the Chamber do for you?”
Download Our Sponsorship Packet Here
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